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Protect Your Landscape With Tasteful Mow Strips

Straightline Fence and Concrete is committed to offering services that improve landscapes and help protect your property. Mow strip installation is an integral part of our service offerings because of the critical role they play in helping defend walls, fences, and turf from accidental damage. If you’re considering a mow strip on your property, we’re happy to provide a comprehensive consultation that includes surveying the area and offering our professional opinion on handling your unique situation best. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

edge of grass by sidewalk

Benefits of Installing a Mow Strip

A mowing strip is a small detail within a property, but it delivers enormous benefits for homeowners. As professional concrete flatwork and fencing contractors, we can combine these two services for one fantastic result that solves a few problems many property owners don’t consider until they arise. Benefits of including a mow strip along fences or at property edges include:

  • Protect Pets – If you own a dog and the fence is installed to protect your pup and keep it contained, a mow strip will add to that. Most dogs like to dig, and a mowing strip at the base of the fence will prevent your dog from digging underneath it.
  • Keep Out Critters – Likewise, a nice mow strip at a proper depth will deter many animals, such as rabbits, possums, and raccoons, from digging underneath the fence and burrowing into your yard.
  • Protect the Base of the Fence – If you have grass turf, mowing or edging along the fence can be risky business and may cause damage to the vinyl or wood fencing. A mowing strip offers a clear boundary where you can safely trim grass without getting too close to the fence.
  • Mark Boundaries – If a property division or another boundary needs a clear defining line, mow strips are a neat and clean way to note this type of area. And it’s permanent, so no one can move or alter it.
  • Protect Landscape – Mowing strips can be used to protect other parts of the natural landscape. In areas with synthetic turf, mow strips mark a clear area that mowers and edgers should avoid. They also work well along mulched or stone areas.

Contact Us for Free Mow Strip Estimates

Mow strips are perfect under fences, along property borders, and around synthetic turf perimeters to help protect materials, fencing, and pets. Straightline Fence and Concrete offers mow strip installation in Northern Utah as part of our fence process or as a stand-alone service. In either case, you’re guaranteed professional work by a knowledgeable team with years of experience. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your mow strip installation today.

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