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Residential and Commercial Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fences are one of the most affordable materials and will last for decades with very little maintenance. At Straightline Fence and Concrete, we offer home and business owners professional chain link fence installations in Northern Utah for various purposes. When we work on your property, you can expect us to pay attention to detail and deliver quality craftsmanship to ensure every job is completed to expectations. To learn more about chain link fence options, contact our knowledgeable team to schedule a free consultation.

chain link fence beside sidewalk

Chain Link Fence Options to Customize Your Project

If you’re considering chain link fencing for a project, you might be surprised to learn there are more options than the standard silver metal posts and fences commonly seen across landscapes. The affordable price makes this material popular, but there’s much to love about the various choices available. Consider these options:

  • Galvanized – This tough and durable finish is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • PVC-Coated – A PVC coating provides additional protection, and colors like black or green can enhance the aesthetic.
  • Mesh – Mesh offers a softer look and can be more visually appealing than galvanized.
  • Heavy Duty – If security is a concern, this option delivers more durability than a standard chain link.
square shape chain link fences

Is Chain Link Fence Right for Your Situation?

During a fence consultation estimate, we’ll discuss your project’s details to understand your budget and goals fully. Considering these points is critical to ensuring you have a product that suits your needs. Budget is critical in deciding which fence material is right for you, but the environment and purpose of the fence are essential to discuss too. Chain link fence tends to be ideal for:

  • Animal control and containment
  • Farm environments
  • Athletic fields and playgrounds
  • High traffic areas
  • High traffic areas

We Offer Fast and Easy Installation of Chain Link Fences

In addition to being one of the more affordable options, chain link fence is one of the quickest products to install and will provide decades of quality barrier protection in just about any environment. Our team works efficiently, and we take the proper steps to prepare the site for a beautiful finish. Contact us to schedule your free fence consultation today.

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