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Vinyl Fence Installation Specialists Serving Northern Utah

Are you looking for a professional vinyl fence installation for your home or business in Northern Utah? Straightline Fence and Concrete has you covered with the finest products and execution for vinyl fences in Weber, Davis, and Box Elder counties. Vinyl is our specialty, and we have years of experience installing these products in various landscapes throughout the region. You can count on open and honest communication with our team, who will see your project through, from the free consultation to the finished product. Contact us to learn more about our vinyl fencing options today.

white vinyl fences

Common Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl is available in a few different styles, and each one is suited to meet the different needs of residential and commercial property owners. An idea of what is available will help you decide which option is best.

  • Picket Style Fencing – White picket fences bring images of classic suburbia to mind. They provide a distinct property boundary and allow plenty of visibility, making them the perfect choice for front yards.
  • Privacy Fencing – If privacy is a concern, you can enjoy seclusion without feeling claustrophobic with this option. These are ideal for backyards, and we can offer options to adhere to local codes for pool safety if you need fencing for a pool area.
  • Post-and-Rail Fencing – Another great boundary option, post-and-rail fencing is commonly seen to help keep farm animals contained or offer a high-class border along long driveways or parking lots. They’re available in two, three, and four-rail options and have other unique design features.

Five Great Reasons to Choose Vinyl Fencing

When it comes to home improvement projects, sometimes it can be tough to decide which product is best for you. Here are five fantastic reasons that make vinyl a popular choice for fences.


Vinyl is an engineered product lasting 20 to 30 years.


Vinyl doesn’t fade or peel, so besides occasional cleaning, it’s very low maintenance to keep it looking new.


This strong material doesn’t decompose, rust, rot, or peel. It will remain durable whether it’s getting splashed by people in the pool or a sprinkler system.


It is one of the more affordable options, especially when you factor in maintenance costs over the lifetime of the fence.


Because vinyl stands up to environmental factors and animals, it will keep its new look for years and remain an attractive part of your property for as long as you have it.

Let’s Discuss Your Vinyl Fence Installation Project

The first step toward a new vinyl fence for your property is scheduling a free consultation with the pros at Straightline Fence and Concrete. We serve all of Northern Utah with our incredible installation work, and our customers love the honest communication they’ve come to expect from our team. Contact us to learn more about vinyl fencing.

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